Our mission is to share our beautiful cashmere with our family and friends and to help make the world a little softer place.

The Cashmere Sale™ is small division of a New York-based apparel company founded by a group of passionate, fashion-oriented women, on one simple premise... "to provide ourselves, our friends and their friends, a ONCE-A-YEAR opportunity to buy current-season, high-quality cashmere sweaters, wraps and accessories, inspired by today's most influential fashion designers at prices unavailable to the public."

OUR STORY "a little serendipity"
The Cashmere Sale™ concept was initially conceived about nine years ago, quite by accident, at an informal social gathering in the living room of the parent company's founder in Greenwich, Connecticut. Without any pre-conceived notion as to what was about to occur, a few good friends were invited over one evening to share their opinion of a group of sweaters that had just arrived from the factory. We could not have anticipated the excitement and passion expressed by the group. The next morning, word got out! EVERYONE wanted to get involved. A Social Shopping Event Was Born!

"Never under-estimate the power of a small, committed, passionate group of like-minded women, who LOVE to shop!"

The Cashmere Sale™ is an invitation only, once a year, holiday-focused, Social Shopping Event with 17 locations across the U.S. In addition to our 10 In-Home Trunk-Show Events, we have 7 storefront locations located in the following cities:

Greenwich, CT
New Canaan, CT
Chicago, IL
Burlingame, CA
Corte Madera, CA
Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA
Danville, CA

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